by Chris cook

This single word is where it starts and this is how we’re measured.

What we do is pretty obvious. We make beer. We strive to make great beer. We make some mean sandwiches too. But the important bit is why we do it: We want to help people thrive.

I suppose it starts with me since I’m the remaining founder on the team. I want to help people thrive. I want to be in a career in an industry on a team and in a community that allows me to thrive and from there I want to direct my ambitions to helping others thrive. We’ve built a team at Broken Boundary around the idea that respect is the outcome of a mutual effort, that we should enjoy coming to work, and that life is about more than a paycheck. But it isn’t at all about me, and it isn’t about us.

It’s about the impact that we, the whole team, can make on each other and on our communities. We take pride in the relationships we build with those of you who come to the brewery. We’re not looking for customers, we’re looking for friends. We’re looking to make sure you have a quality experience when you come to Broken Boundary… maybe even a great one. We want you to walk out of here having a better day than when you walked in. We want you to thrive.

But there are a staggering amount of people in our local communities we want to help thrive who will never walk through our doors. We won’t let that stop us. We’ve got a plan and we need your help.

Our plan is called, “Friday Night Philanthropints”. We want to use our brewery as a means to generate attention and funding for organizations in our communities who are helping others find a way to thrive. We see these organizations doing the heavy lifting… delivering food to families during the pandemic, demonstrating cultural practices to young people who need that connection, building homes for people who don’t have them, recycling and refurbishing computers for use in classrooms that wouldn’t otherwise have them. We want to help these organizations thrive.

Our plan is simple. On the second Friday of each month we will host Friday Night Philanthropints and feature a local Non-Profit. We’ll spread word about their efforts and donate 20% of our proceeds that night to their organization. That’s it. Get them awareness and a little bit of cash to help them keep doing the good work that they’re doing. It’s a small thing, but we’re hoping it’s a small thing like a seed is a small thing and that it grows into a big thing. We want to plant as many small seeds as we can.

And here’s where we need your help. We have a short list of organizations doing good work in Honolulu and we want to make it a long list. So we’re hoping you’ll send us some recommendations of organizations we should highlight. Shout em out in the comments, reach out in a message, or send as an email:

And if there’s anything we can do to help you thrive, let us know. It’s important to us.


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