8.4% ABV, 75 IBU’s

We crafted this west coast with an eye toward capturing the essence of 25 years of IPA innovation on the west coast. We took our inspiration from the first generation of southern california IPA’s, building a malt backbone almost strong enough to stand up to an IBU-war-era dosage of some classic West Coast IPA hops – Simcoe, Centennial, and Columbus. This is our High-Fidelity love song celebrating what made West Coast IPA’s the hottest drink to think about for 20 years.

4% ABV, 18.5 IBU’s

This little red love machine won’t slow you down at a sessionable 4%. We used 2 kinds of ginger to bounce a little zing off of the roasty malt and noble hop bitterness; Fresh Mango ginger from our friends at De La Mesa Farms in Waimanalo offers a subdued spiciness that arrives late to the party, while a modest amount of culinary ginger supports a balanced aroma profile and gives a subtle heat to the mix.

7.1% ABV, 51 IBU’s

It can be hard to leave the efficiency of a smoothly paved highway for the back roads. But the scenery can be worth it. These rougher paths force you to slow down and smell the hop cones… You might not get where you were going as fast, but you’ll enjoy the ride a lot more. That’s what this laid back IPA is all about… easy going from the start. Aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and stonefruit rest on top of a luxurious mouthfeel that leads to a resinous bitternous that stops just short of abrassive, but is close enough to slow you down between sips. Enjoy this one the way you enjoy a long lazy trip through the back country.

5.9% ABV, 23 IBU’s

We love the Jean Claude Van Blonde. And how could we not? It’s charismatic, alarmingly powerful, and always plants that winning smile right on our lips. But we got to thinking that we needed a counterpoint, something with all the moves, but a little less Fire Down Below. We needed a beer that wasn’t so Hard To Kill. JCVB is great, but no beer is Above The Law. Don’t get us wrong, the JCVB isn’t Marked For Death or On Deadly Ground, but it’s status as our #1 Belgian is Under Siege.

4.9% ABV, 16 IBU’s

This opaque beauty delivers something a little spicy on the nose and something a lot refreshing on the palate. We created this little beauty by combining elements of some of our favorite contintental pale ales. The smooth rounded maltiness of a Rhineland ale, the finely laced white head of a Belgian pale, and the luxurious mouthfeel of a wit.


9.6% ABV, 76 IBU’s

Black currant, overripe plum and a hint of chocolate charge out in front in this powerful 9.6% Imperial Stout. You’re gonna want to slow down and take this one in, savoring every dark corner of the beautiful midnight flavorscape. This one leaves an impression like a loving caress from a friendly grizzly bear… I mean it feels good, but you know it can be dangerous if you go back for more. Even stronger than the chest-warming flavor this beer delivers is the worldwide solidarity this collaboration represents. Our new friends at Weathered Souls Brewing Company in San Antonio, TX put out a call and a recipe and has asked each of over 700 participating breweries worldwide to donate the proceeds to local organizations working to elevate marginalized voices that go unheard. Proceeds from this batch will be going to The Popolo Project, a Hawai’I based organization that strives to communicate the experience of Black people throughout the Pacific Region. Check out the good work these dedicated people are doing. www.thepopoloproject.org www.blackisbeautiful.beer

6.8% ABV, 8.2 IBU’s

Here come the malts. 6 of ‘em in this liquid love poem brewed as an ode to one of our favorite desserts. We nearly eliminated the bitterness while employing the versatile aromatics of Sabro hops to add their alluring blend of dark chocolate and pineapple aromas to the back end of the flavor palate. 20 pounds of Indian Jaggery strengthen the brew for the traditional English Ale yeast that leaves plenty of residual sweetness. On this loaf of sweet bready goodness, we layered up